Literal Media

Literal Media is the new face of one of the largest and oldest managers of literary properties in the world.  We own or represent thousands of novels, novellas, short stories, plays, poems and screenplays. The company's history is filled with some of the most recognizable literary names including many Noble and Pulitzer Prize winners and notable authors Noel Coward, Zane Grey, Oscar Hammerstein, W. Somerset Maugham, Eugene O'Neill, George Bernard Shaw, Preston Sturges, Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams and William Butler Yeats.

Today, Literal Media develops and places the literary properties of its clients for motion pictures, television, theatre, publishing, and new media around the world. Our current authors include: Shirley Jackson, author of "The Lottery", Damon Runyon, author of the stories underlying Guys and Dolls, Maurine Dallas Watkins, author of the play Chicago, Robb White, author of Deathwatch, and Cornell Woolrich, author of "Rear Window".

We hope you enjoy Literal Media's treasured authors. If you are interested in securing rights, please contact us.
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